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how to choose a singing bowl

How to Choose a Singing Bowl?

A Singing bowl is a great addition to your closet if you want to achieve peace of mind and mental wellbeing. But choosing a singing bowl for you can be a headache.  As there are different types of singing bowls out there in the market of different sizes and prices. So which one to pick can be a confusing decision. After all, your buy should get you the right singing bowl for you at the right price.

If you are about to buy a singing bowl and are extremely confused. You have come to the right place as we are about to discuss the things to consider while getting one. And, the buying guide of a singing bowl is also outlined in the below article. That will surely help you to get the answer to How to choose a singing bowl.

But before that, we have also included short answers to what are singing bowls and what are its benefits. Make sure you read them all.      

What is a Singing bowl?

Well, if you are a user of a singing bowl then you likely already know about the singing bowls. Singing bowls, also known as Himalayan singing bowls or Tibetan Bowls are the metal made bowls that produce sound when hit by a mallet.

The Buddhists introduced this sounding instrument to use it in the meditation process. A Singing bowl works nicely to allow mental relaxation and healing as well. As of that, nowadays people around the world are fond of a singing bowl to get pain and stress off their minds. 

Normally, singing bowls are made of various metals like copper, iron, tin, silver, lead, or even gold. Plus, there are varieties of singing bowls of different size, shape, tone, and quality. Each of the different singing bowls produces a unique sound and does a unique performance.

All in all, there are more than 50 models of singing bowls out there in the market. But only 8 out of 50 singing bowl models are the most selling ones. Those 8 most popular singing bowls are mentioned below:

  1. Thadobati
  2. Jambati
  3. Naga
  4. Mani
  5. Ultabati
  6. Lingam
  7. Remuna
  8. Crystal

What are the benefits of a Singing bowl?

There are countless benefits that you can get from a singing bowl meditation. Mostly, singing bowls are used for purposes like pain relief, stress reduction, mental healing.

Buddhist monks brought this instrument into the meditation game and since then it has been used by the people around the globe to heal themselves. Some of the amazing benefits of a Tibetan singing bowl are as below:

  • Elevates stress and anxiety drastically. 
  • Controls the anger level and blood pressure level.
  • Facilitates efficient blood circulations inside the body.
  • Allows deep relaxation and enjoyment. 
  • Helps in Pain relief.
  • Provides clarity in mental and emotional activities.
  • Aides stillness and well being.
  • Happiness all over the mind and face.
  • Enhances mental health.
  • Performs nicely in pain and massage therapy.
  • Significant increase of Oxygen levels in the blood.
  • Improves the immune system.
  • Allows achieving calmness and concentration.
  • Meditation becomes more effective.
  • Boosts various happiness hormones volume inside the body.

How to choose a singing bowl that is perfect for you?

As you have known that there are multiple singing bowl options to buy from. With a wide range of models, it’s always a head-scratching decision to choose one. What you can do is, there are certain things to look for in a singing bowl.

Firstly, know each of the parameters of a good singing bowl and then decide which one to buy. The things to look while buying a singing bowl are as below:

Know the Purpose of a Bowl

First thing first, You have to know the real purpose of a bowl in your life. You should ask yourself questions first: why do I need a singing bowl?How will it help me? This will give you an idea about the main reason for getting a singing bowl. As you know, singing bowls can do various work like energy healing, healing the whole body, meditation, relaxation, and mental healing. 

Of these various purposes, you should come up with the core reason for buying a singing bowl. There are several kinds of singing bowls which produce a unique sound and perform distinctive healing. So are the mallets which are used to hit the bowl. Hence, you should understand your real need, and then it will help you to choose the ideal bowl for you. 

Select the Right Size

After knowing the purpose, the next thing you should do is to select the right size. Basically, there are three sized singing bowls in the market: Small Size(Diameter- 3.5 to 6 inches), Medium Size(Diameter-7 to 8 inches), and Large Size(Diameter-+10 inches). Different sizes of singing bowls produce different sound/tone and each of them is uniquely used. 

For example, Small size bowls are good for beginners to learn operating bowls. Likewise, medium-sized bowls are a good buy for enthusiastic learners who like to perform chakra balancing, meditations. Large singing bowls are the biggest and loudest, best for the whole body harmony. So, it’s important to know the perfect size for you according to your professional level.  If you are just a learner then the small-sized bowls are the buy for you and vice versa. 

Identify the Tone for You

This is the most difficult part of how to choose a singing bowl. Knowing the right size is an easy thing but identifying the tone is not as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of singing bowls of different tones and sizes. With such varieties, to decide which tone will be better for you is a strenuous decision.

You have to choose the bowl which makes you feel healed while and after listening. If you are not sure which bowl does actually heal then you should try the available bowls. Perform the mediation like activity by closing your eyes and listening to each of the tones of the different bowls. Then just pick the one which soothes and heals you the most.     

Understand the Quality of a Bowl

After knowing everything, the last thing to look at is the quality of a bowl. You should get a singing bowl that can last with you awhile. Look for the cracks, scratches, or any other possible defects before asking for packing the bowl. Sometimes, the cracks on the bowl are not easily seen. You can know that by placing the bowl near to your ear and striking it. If it produces a cranking tone then it’s a cracked singing bowl. 


We believe that this article on “How to Choose a Singing bowl” has helped you. A singing bowl is a magic bowl that can heal your body and mind. You’ll achieve mindfulness and relaxation using the bowl. Having the wrong singing bowl never lets you achieve the healings.

Therefore, it is a must to know how to get the perfect singing bowl for you. The buying guide presented above in this article will surely help you get the right one in your hand. But, make sure you are buying from the authorized and trusted singing bowl sellers. 

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