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Ying Yang Bone Necklace


Unique Om Mane Bone Necklace

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Antique Turquoise Bead Necklace


This Antique turquoise bead necklace is perfect to wear in any outfit. It is crafted using eco-friendly and recycled beads which are made by local artisans. It is highly popular in the US and European markets.

Our jewelry products are genuine and not made out of plastic. Be careful with a fake item before buying any beads jewelry in the market. Since it is handmade the final product may vary in its size.

If you would like to make your own customize beads necklace, bracelets, earrings in bulk then contact us.

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Type of Planet Energy Beaded Necklace

  • Sun (Citrine): Creative Energy, Willpower, Abundance
  • Mercury (Larvikite): Highly Protective, Grounding, Cleansing – Removes toxins and Negative energy
  • Venus (Pyrite): Protection, Inner strength, Emotional stability
  • Earth (Imperial Jasper): Tranquility, Protection, Mentally & Physically healing
  • Mars (Carnelian): Courage, Luck, motivation
  • Jupiter (Tiger Eye): Integrity, Inner power, Harmony
  • Saturn (Picture Jasper): Awareness, Balance, Consciousness
  • Uranus (Aquamarine): Relaxing, Refreshing, Calming
  • Neptune (Lapis): Inner power, Intuition, Awareness
  • Pluto (Hematite): Balancing, Relaxing, Grounding
  • Night Sky (Blue Goldstone): Positivity, Peace, Inner strength

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