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Hyolmo Incense


Antique Turquoise Bead Necklace

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Beaded Bracelets


These beaded bracelets have a total of 11 positive energy to heal your day to day life. It is 100% handmade in Nepal. The profit goes to local artisans and their families who make these bracelets for living.  

  • Fits Wrist Sizes 6 – 7.5
  • Measure 8mm
  • Material: Nepalese Beads

Contact us for bulk or customize orders.

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Type of Planet Energy Beaded Bracelets

  • Sun (Citrine): Creative Energy, Willpower, Abundance
  • Mercury (Larvikite): Highly Protective, Grounding, Cleansing – Removes toxins and Negative energy
  • Venus (Pyrite): Protection, Inner strength, Emotional stability
  • Earth (Imperial Jasper): Tranquility, Protection, Mentally & Physically healing
  • Mars (Carnelian): Courage, Luck, motivation
  • Jupiter (Tiger Eye): Integrity, Inner power, Harmony
  • Saturn (Picture Jasper): Awareness, Balance, Consciousness
  • Uranus (Aquamarine): Relaxing, Refreshing, Calming
  • Neptune (Lapis): Inner power, Intuition, Awareness
  • Pluto (Hematite): Balancing, Relaxing, Grounding
  • Night Sky (Blue Goldstone): Positivity, Peace, Inner strength

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