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Wheel of Life Thangka (Antique and Pure Gold)


Buddha Mandala Thangka

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Kalachakra Thangka


This detailed Kalachakra Thangka has four heads, twenty-four hands, and two legs. The main face is dark blue, and others are Red, White, and Yellow. Each face has a different expression – mainly peaceful and angry.

Kalachakra hands are also divided into four colors – Dark blue, White, Red and Yellow. These four colors have different meaning Blue represents air, red represents fire, white water, and yellow. When these four elements are joint together it represents nature.

The first crossed hands carry Vajra and Bell. The left hands hold the ghanta bell, vajra chains, mirror, conch shell, lotus, jewel, lasso, bow, kapala, khatvanga, and shield. In his right hands he holds the vajra, sword, curved knife, trident, 3 arrows, vajra hook, Damaru drum, hammer, wheel, spear, club and axe.

This thangka is painted in high-quality cotton canvas and each detail uses a pure 24K gold.

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The word Kalachakra is mainly divided into two major words “Kala” meaning Time and “Chakra” meaning Cycle. It is used especially used in Vajrayana Buddhism which means Wheel of Time.

It is one of many Tantric teachings. This teaching combines both myth and history providing lessons for inner transformation towards realizing the nature of Buddha.

How do we Pack the Thangka?

We wrap the Thangka in handmade Nepali Lokta paper for protection of painting and later packed inside the non-bendable PVC pipe for shipping.

We also offer Silk Brocade framing for above Thangka. For that, you need to request us and paid separately.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 70 × 51 cm

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