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Avalokiteshvara Thangka


Chenrezig Thangka (24K Gold)

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Life of Buddha Thangka (24K Gold)


This Life of Buddha Master Thangka explains the 12 deeds of Lord Buddha. To understand clearly, the deeds can be divided into three important  phases:

  1. His descent into the world, his birth and his young years as a Prince
  2. The recognition of human suffering and the quest for a way to alleviate human suffering
  3. The fulfillment of his search and his determination to spend the rest of his life teaching people how to achieve enlightenment for oneself.

This is one of the most amazing masterpiece collection in our store. Normally, to complete this type of thangka, artists need more than 5 months of time. Hence, lots of hard work can be seen in the Life of Buddha Thangka.

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List of 12 Deeds of Lord Buddha

  1. Transferring to a Southern Island-Continent from a Pure Land of Joy, after having transferred his throne there to the next – Maitreya Buddha
  2. Entering his mother’s womb
  3. Taking birth
  4. Becoming skilled and learned in the arts
  5. Enjoying himself with his wife and her circle
  6. Setting forth from family life as a renunciate
  7. Undergoing difficult ascetic practices
  8. Proceeding to a seat for enlightenment under a bodhi tree
  9. Taming the demonic forces
  10. Manifesting full enlightenment
  11. Setting flow rounds of transmission of the preventive measures of the Dharma (turning the wheel of the Dharma)
  12. Demonstrating a total release from all suffering by passing away.

How do we Pack the Thangka?

We wrap the Thangka in handmade Nepali Lokta paper for protection of painting and later packed inside the non-bendable PVC pipe for shipping.

We also offer Silk Brocade framing for above Thangka. For that, you need to request us and paid separately.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 80 × 59 cm

80 x 59 cm, 37 x 29 cm

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