yak wool shawl stripe blue color

Yak Wool Shawl, Stripe Blue Color


Yak Wool Shawl, Stripe Light Pink Color

Yak Wool Shawl Stripe Light Pink Color

Yak Wool Shawl, Stripe Red Color


This Yak Wool Shawl is very soft and warm. It is very famous with the name Himalayan Yak Wool Shawl. It has multiple advantages. You can use them as a shawl, throw for a sofa as well as beautiful scarves.

Yak wool is just a brand name which represents animal named YAK, found in the Himalayas of Nepal.  Wherein actual shawls, it doesn’t have any such kind of wool. To be frank, it has the material of 70% Acrylic and 30% cotton.

Yak wool shawl is made-up using hand-loomed technology. It is available in amazing colors. To wash the yak wool shawl, you can do it by hand wash in cold water using normal soap.

This handmade shawl is 100% manufactured in Nepal by local women.

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In the above same color and pattern, we have two different sizes in yak wool products.

  • Yak Wool Scarfs: 25 x 190cm
  • Yak Wool Blanket: 240 x 120cm

For making the above sizes, you need to contact us and will be made as per your order (quantities).

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Dimensions 190 × 80 cm

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