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Yak wool shawl is extremely soft and warm. Yak wool is naturally warm wool that derives from the animal named ‘Yak’. They are basically a buffalo with longer, shaggier hair that lives in extremely cold and harsh environments, mostly in the mountains of Tibet and Nepal, at the altitude of 3000 meters above sea level.

This wool shawl is available in many different colors. Yak shawls are handmade by local women living in Nepal.

Himalayan Yak Wool Shawl

This shawl is named after the animal named Yak, which is found in the Himalayas of Nepal. Due to this, it is also popularly known as Himalayan Yak Wool Shawl. To make strong knitting, this shawl has a mixture of 50% wool and 50% cotton. The whole production process is completed by a hand-loomed machine.

With this same material, we have two different sizes:

  • Yak Wool Scarfs: 25 x 190cm
  • Yak Wool Blanket: 240 x 120cm

Kindly, contact us for the prices.

How to wash Yak wool shawl?

You can wash this shawl using cold water by hand. Don’t use any detergent or chemical while washing. Just do a soft wash separately so that wool won’t stick in other clothes.

Washing Note: Do not tumble dry

How to wear?

Take two ends of the shawl, wrap around your shoulder like a scarf. Perfect!

How warm is it?

You won’t believe it. It is super warm. This fiber absorbs all the heat despite cold temperatures. It feels buttery smooth and soft.

What is the size of the shawl available in Nepal?

The size of the shawl is 190 width and 80 height in centimeter.

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